Bringing a caravan or motorhome

The current legislation put in place by the Jersey authorities requires that all visitors travelling to the Island with a caravan or motorhome must be in possession of a valid permit. In order to obtain a quote or make a reservation, passengers must go through one of the campsites in Jersey participating in the scheme or, if a registered member, via the Camping and Caravan Club.

Duration of Stay

Maximum of one month per caravan/motorhome

Type of Unit/Size

Width: Towed caravan including the towing vehicle or motor home 2.3m (this includes any fitting on or attached to the vehicle but excludes mirrors and indicators).

Length: Caravan 6.7m (excluding the means of attachment to the towing vehicle). Motorhome 9.3m. Caravans exceeding 6.7m in length may be considered for carriage on the traditional ferry, but this is not guaranteed.

Length of Combination: Caravan and towing vehicle 16.5m (to include any projection to the front or rear of the vehicle).

Circulation on Island: Visiting Caravans on a permit are restricted to one journey to and one journey from the campsite to the harbour. Caravans must remain on the designated site for the period of the permit.

Special dispensation has been given allowing motor homes to circulate in the Island on a daily basis but must return to the designated campsite each night. Drivers should be aware that many of Jersey’s roads are narrow and may have limited access. Cars used for towing caravans may be used in the normal way on the Island’s roads.

Display of Permit: The permit must be displayed in the window of the unit clearly showing the dates for which the permit is valid.

Ownership/Insurance: Full third party insurance must be in force for the full duration of the stay and documents proving ownership must be carried.

Sewage: Jersey campsites do not currently have ‘drive over’ drains for blackwater sewage


  • The visitor contacts the site of their choice
  • The campsite proprietor takes full details of booking
  • The campsite proprietor or approved agent makes the reservation with the sea carrier
  • The confirmed booking detail is then sent to Economic Development Trading Standards Service
  • Economic Development Trading Standards Services issues a permit, which is then returned to the campsite proprietor
  • The campsite proprietor sends the permit to the visitor. The permit must be displayed in the vehicle for the duration of the stay.

Campsites Accepting Caravans & Motorhomes

Beuvelande Camp Site
St Martin, JE3 6EZ                                            Tel: 01534 853575

Daisy Cottage Campsite
St Ouen, JE3 2DB                                            Tel: 01534 481700
Rozel Camping Park

Rozel Camp Site
St Martin, JE3 6AX                                           Tel: 01534 855200

Please contact the campsites directly or visit their websites for further information.