Hydrographic services

In addition to the wide range of marine service capabilities, we own and operate our own multibeam survey package, capable of the acquisition and presentation of high resolution surveys, providing data for a wide variety of applications.

These include:

  • Bathymetric Surveys to IHO Special Order standard
  • Dredge support surveys, including volume calculations
  • Engineering and Infrastructure support i.e. quay wall inspections
  • Wreck and object detection.

The MBES can be mobilised on either the 14m pilot cutter ‘Rival’, or on the 26m Damen Shoalbuster ‘Duke of Normandy’, utilising bespoke over-the-side mounting solutions, enabling surveys to be undertaken in restricted areas such as marinas, right through to offshore 24/7 operations.

The package includes an R2Sonic 2024 MBES, which boasts small bottom footprints, selectable swathe coverage (10° to 160°), and most significantly, an Ultra High Resolution 700Khz frequency capability, which is unparalleled for detailed object detection.

The MBES is supported by an Apogee-U Inertial Navigation System supplied by SBG Systems. This is an innovative system providing vessel motion compensation and is mounted directly on the head as close to the MBES as possible, providing accurate data even in marginal sea states.

To ensure accurate vertical control, a Hemisphere RTK base station is established with UHF signals providing real-time corrections ranging up to 10km. If outside this range, corrections are received via Hemisphere’s Atlas Link GNSS Corrections to decimetre accuracy.

To complete the package, we use a Valeport Swift for sound speed measurements, and Hypack software for survey planning, data acquisition, processing, and final products based on specific preferences and requirements.

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