Living seawalls

We have launched Living Seawalls, a new project promoting the growth of marine life within our local marinas.

The idea has been inspired by a program from the Sydney Institute of Marine Science who have designed and created large concrete tiles that attach to the smooth sea walls around Sydney Harbour. Our project will recreate these tiles on a smaller scale using a 3D printer and recycled printer filament, made in-house from old plastic bottles found on beaches and collected from schools.

We will be involving students from across the island, targeting primary school groups and GSCE students. The younger students will look at local creatures living around the coastline already. Combining their efforts with older students focusing on local rock formation and the design process, we should be able to create unique tiles that fit with the natural coastline and mimic a habitat that attracts further marine life to our marinas.

Along the journey, we will be inviting sponsorship from companies who are looking at offsetting their carbon emissions. With different sponsorship opportunities available and the large scalability of the project, it’s a great way to increase community engagement and get involved with local schools.