Why Jersey is the perfect destination

Measuring just nine miles by five miles, Jersey is the perfect location for a day trip – somewhere a little way apart, a little bit different, ever so slightly exotic. A place where you can experience the unique character of land, coast, beach and sea. Small in square miles but big in places to go and things to see, it’s a perfect size to explore with a few hours to spare.

Jersey’s unique history has been moulded over time by Ice Age visitors, occupying forces, languages and local traditions. You can experience major historical sites, some dating back thousands of years, which are open to the visiting public. From World War II bunkers to ancient burial grounds, museums, castles and caves, Jersey is there waiting to be discovered.

There are beautiful beach walks and green lanes for cyclists, memorable food experiences overlooking the sea, history on your doorsteps and heritage sites to seek out; your cruise guests will be able to live Jersey’s island life to the full.

Whether guests would like to discover our history, tour some of our must see places, or just sit back and enjoy our spectacular sights, we can organise this for you. There are also multi-language tours available.

The Port of Jersey

The Port of Jersey is in the bustling town centre of St Helier, where a variety of shops, restaurants and attractions are just waiting to be discovered. For those who wish to travel further afield, the port is adjacent to the main bus station, allowing easy access to everything that the Island has to offer.

Distance / time to airport 4 miles / 15 minutes
Time to bus station 10 minutes on foot
Location of tourist information centre 5 minutes from quay
Time to town centre 15 minutes
Destination website Visit Jersey website

Five reasons why Jersey is the perfect port of call

  1. Jersey is the sunniest place in the British Isles, with temperatures normally a few degrees warmer than mainland Britain
  2. Just nine miles by five miles, Jersey’s size makes it perfect for a day trip
  3. With one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, the island doubles insize twice a day
  4. The island is ideally placed for port of call visits for European and UK cruise itineraries
  5. Jersey is a boutique destination for small to medium sized ship cruises