SOLAS V and radar reflectors

The introduction of the Shipping (Safety of Navigation) (Jersey) Order 2009 is part of Jersey’s responsibility under chapter V of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, otherwise known as SOLAS V.

Most of the SOLAS Convention applies only to large commercial ships, but parts of  SOLAS V apply to small, privately owned pleasure craft.

If during an investigation into a boating incident it was shown that a contributory factor to the incident was non-compliance with these requirements, then appropriate legal action may be taken.

Passage planning is an essential requirement of SOLAS V, and details what items pleasure vessels in excess of 7 metres long are legally required to carry.

SOLAS V requires:

  • electromagnetic compatibility of onboard systems
  • recording navigational activities
  • lifesaving signals
  • assistance to other craft

It also covers the misuse of distress signals.