Stay safe with coasteering and tombstoning

Coasteering involves exploring the coast by climbing, jumping and swimming. We recommend you undertake this sport with a properly qualified organisation. The National Coasteering Charter have details of locally recognised providers on their website.

Always ensure that you have the correct safety equipment, which includes a Personal Flotation Device, wetsuit, helmet and suitable footwear.

When jumping into the sea from any height, take extreme care to ensure that there is sufficient depth of water with no hazards such as submerged rocks.

The tides, particularly in Jersey, move extremely fast with strong currents around the coast of Jersey, so ensure you have the necessary experience, as areas quickly become unsafe to jump from. Just because you have jumped from a location before, doesn’t mean it will be safe the next time.

Don’t take unnecessary risks: if in doubt, don’t jump.

For more information, see General Direction No. 3 (25).