Runway Rejuvenation Project

Ports of Jersey is to undertake essential surface treatment work on the runway at Jersey Airport, which could take up to 8-weeks to complete, to remain safety compliant.

The first stage of this works programme will be to carry out a ‘mid-life’ health check on the current runway substructure and is due to start as from Tuesday 13 July 2021 for one week. This will involve drilling into the surface to test its continuing viability. The work will start on the western end working eastwards and is being undertaken by specialist engineering design and planning company, AECOM. A GPR survey of the runway will also be undertaken, a non-intrusive geophysical method of surveying the surface itself by using radar pulsar to image the subsurface.

The second stage of the work will see a rejuvenation of the runway surface, putting down Rhinophalt along its entire length to ensure there is sufficient friction to allow larger aircraft types to travel into the Island in the future whilst ensuring continuing compliancy with international safety standards as determined by CAA and EASA. The works will also see a replacement of the Addagrip on the end of Runway 26 (eastern), which ensures protection against degradation of the runway surface. The work will also see individual remarking of the runway lines to the most recent operational requirements of the DCA.

The overall part of these works is expected to take up to 5-weeks to complete and is being undertaken by a team from Colas Ltd, a UK based UK, which specialise in civil engineering, maintenance and construction across many airfield sectors. The team has previously worked at Jersey Airport, during the taxiway work in 2000 and as part of the resurfacing and runway resurfacing programme in 2008/2009.

All off-island contractors will be working in compliance within Jersey Government Covid guidelines.

In order not to impact usual airport operations, work on the runway will have to take place overnight when contractors will access the site after usual airport close at 9:30pm and will leave prior to the start of operations the next morning at 6am. Work is to take place over six evenings a week and unless in unforeseen circumstances , excludes Sunday into Monday morning. Every measure will be taken by the contractors to ensure noise levels and inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Work has to be taken at this time of the year when drier and warmer weather conditions are expected to allow for the materials being laid to dry properly.

The runway rejuvenation work will not affect the provision of emergency medical flights that may be required outside of normal airport opening hours.

Jersey Airport’s runway was last resurfaced over the winter period between 2008/2009 and in the intervening years has undergone a series of inspections to ensure its sustainability and ensure it remains compliant.

For further details on the project please visit our FAQ page, which includes a number of ‘commonly asked’ questions.

Anyone with any further comments or queries relating to the project itself can contact the team by emailing