HMP – Elizabeth Harbour and New North Quay

Elizabeth Harbour

The Harbour Master Plan will start with the most immediate requirement – the redevelopment of Elizabeth Harbour. The commercial port currently deals with 550,000 tonnes per year and is nearing capacity.

Elizabeth Harbour’s Roll on Roll Off (RoRo) operation is the Island’s lifeline for vital supplies such as food, medicines, parcels and clothing, and has now exceeded capacity. The Harbour Master Plan proposals will see the existing Lift On Lift Off (LoLo) operation moved from New North Quay to Elizabeth Harbour to co-locate with the RoRo operations. The new combined area will safeguard the Island’s supply chain by creating capacity to handle future freight requirements.

The plan also proposes to replace the Elizabeth Terminal building, which opened in 1989

and no longer meets the demands of the modern traveller. A new terminal will improve the passenger experience and enhance visitors’ lasting impressions of the Island.

New North Quay

It is proposed that the existing LoLo crane operation will move from New North Quay to Elizabeth Harbour to co-locate with the RoRo trailer operation. This will combine all freight handling facilities and free up space at New North Quay for further development that will benefit Islanders.

Options for this project will be developed once work on Elizabeth Harbour has begun.