Ports of Jersey publishes its latest Quality of Service Report

From Port of Jersey,
01 February 2019

Ports of Jersey has published its latest Quality of Service Report for the period October to December 2018 and submitted it to the Channel Islands Competition Regulation Authority (CICRA) as part of its regulatory agreement.  


The report covers a wide range of 'service' areas, including aircraft and sea sailings punctuality, time spent at security search, waiting time for baggage reclaim at the Airport as well as marina berth waiting lists.   


Of the 5,000 aircraft movements over the three months, the report shows that 46% of flights arrived earlier than expected and overall, 75% of these flights arrived and departed within 15 minutes of its scheduled time. The statistics confirm that almost all delays are caused due to a late inbound aircraft and that ground crew work tirelessly to get the departing aircraft back on schedule as quickly as possible.  


Ensuring a passenger's smooth transit through security search is one of the key aims of Ports of Jersey. With improvements to the security layout together with the technology introduced to track and monitor passenger flow the report shows that for 99.4% of the time during this period passengers were able to pass through security in under 15 minutes. The security team, which has now been brought in-house and operated by Ports of Jersey, will be focusing on maintaining this high standard in 2019 and importantly, considering ways of enhancing the experience during peak travel times.


Over 90% of sailings arrived or departed St Helier Harbour within 30 minutes of the scheduled time with only 5.1% of sailings cancelled during this period, which included the impact of industrial action in St Malo. Longer delays were predominantly experienced on freight sailings with Condor Liberation and Rapide being delayed for more than 30 minutes on only three occasions. No sailings were disrupted as a result of lack of available berths.


A copy of the report and its findings, covering the period October – December (Q4) 2018 can be found here



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