South East Coast

Jersey has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, the tides around the South-East coast are particularly dangerous and care should be taken to ensure you are properly prepared before exploring this area. During certain periods the tide can retreat over 2 miles from the shoreline.

The topography of this area consists of rock outcrops, sandbanks and gullies. On an incoming tide the gullies will quickly fill with water and can leave you cut off by the tide. Those exploring this area should ideally have, or be with someone with local knowledge and must take into consideration the tide times.

You can check the tide times here:

You should be equipped with a method of communication such as a mobile phone or VHF radio, map and compass in case visibility reduces and appropriate clothing. Don't explore on your own, and make sure someone ashore knows your plans.

There is a metal framed refuge tower located approximately half way between Seymour tower and shore. If you find yourself getting cut off by the tide, raise the alarm by dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguard. Then seek higher ground such as the refuge tower.

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