Jersey Ships' Registry records a rise in business levels

From Port of Jersey,
06 July 2017

​Jersey's Ships' Registry has experienced its busiest month since 2009 in terms of new registrations.

In June 2017, 23 new vessels came onto the Register, alongside 108 written transactions, including mortgages, bills of sale and vessel name changes. With reports of advance sales of new vessels by top global brands having sold out for the next two years, there could be further opportunity to increase business levels in the Island if owners choose Jersey as their Port of Registry. Although the majority of vessels handled by the Registry are not necessarily based in the Island but instead overseas, Jersey marine traders are reporting a current upturn in buying and selling water craft, which is very encouraging.

The process of registration gives a vessel its nationality, and in view of increased checks by Customs and Harbour Authorities the requirement for owners to have their ship's documentation up-to-date is increasingly relevant.

The Ships' Registry, which is handled by two staff transferred from States of Jersey ownership in 2016 and now forms part of Ports of Jersey portfolio.


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