Ports of Jersey responds to CICRA review of its operations

From Port of Jersey,
01 June 2018

As follows is a statement from Doug Bannister, Group CEO for Ports of Jersey in relation to the proposed CICRA review of our operations:

"Ports of Jersey welcomed the opportunity to actively engage with CICRA in developing a set of performance monitoring measures. In particular, we are pleased that CICRA has acknowledged and will take into consideration a number of operational issues faced by our business partners, such as technical and/or inclement weather delays are out of Ports of Jersey's control.

The safety and comfort of our passengers is of the highest priority for Ports of Jersey and in recent years we have made determined efforts to enhance the overall journey experience though our gateways. At the airport this has included improvements to the security search process, the installation of new technology whereby we are able to effectively monitor passenger flow and ensure adequate resources are available during peak travel times as well as having actively engaged with the public over the future design plans for the redevelopment of Jersey Airport, to ensure their valuable feedback and suggestions are considered as part the overall final design process.


At the harbour, we are currently undertaking a significant programme of works in the Elizabeth Terminal to improve the facilities and services available to our sea passengers, including the installation of new flooring and lighting, redecoration of some public areas and a reconfiguration of internal walls to improve the overall flow of both departing and arriving passengers.


We actively encourage feedback from passengers, and have a dedicated email address, ask@ports.je whereby passengers concerns, comments, suggestions and endorsements are regularly reviewed and where appropriate acted upon.


Monitoring our operational performance is good business practice and we will regularly review and adjust alongside our business partners to provide transparency into our services.   


Jersey Harbours