Ports of Jersey produces practical guide for water users

From Port of Jersey,
27 June 2018

As part of its continuing 'Safety @ Sea' initiative, Ports of Jersey has published, for the first time, a practical guide for water users taking to the sea for both leisure or commercial purposes.

The guide, which is titled 'Enjoying our Coast Safely', has been developed in conjunction with a number of national and international associations, including the RNLI and the Jersey Kitesurfing Association together with local interest groups with the aim of providing guidance and advice to anyone who uses the waters around Jersey; with particular focus on the Island's beaches and bays. It covers a multitude of sea based activities, including general boating, coasteering, kayaking/canoeing, surfing, paddle boarding and long distance swimming. Each section provides practical advice and handy tips, including safety check-lists as well as, where appropriate, voluntary codes of conduct.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey Harbourmaster Bill Sadler, says, "Ports of Jersey is committed to maintaining the highest level of safety standards and has been entrusted by the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture with responsibility for sea safety under the Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) regulations 2012. This legislation allows us to control activities in our waters, those of vessels plying for hire, ensuring boats are correctly registered and insured as well as the issuing of permits. Underpinning this legislation are Harbour Master's Directions, which are more prescriptive in what can and cannot be done in relation to certain activities. Failure to follow these guidelines could mean an individual is in breach of the legislation and therefore, risks prosecution. Safety at sea is of paramount importance to everyone who uses the water and we believe that by issuing these guidelines it will act as a helpful reminder to all water users, whatever the reason as well as clarify any legislation, which has perhaps been unknown or unfamiliar to water users previously".

The guidelines have been produced following a Beach Safety Review, undertaken by Ports of Jersey in autumn 2017. As part of the review process the views of concession holders, surf clubs, training schools and general water users were sought and those that took part also had the opportunity to contribute to the production of these guidelines. The review also gave Ports of Jersey the opportunity to look more closely at some of the existing General Directions and associated speed limits in place on some of the more popular beach locations, which often see commercial operators vying alongside sea users and update where necessary.  There are emerging water born sports that are growing in popularity in the island that did not exist when these Directions and Regulations were drafted.

'Enjoying our Coast Safely' guide is now available to view online at jerseycoastguard.je jerseyharbours.je and jerseymarinas.je or view pdf version below

'Enjoying our Coast Safely' - Code of Practice Guide.pdf


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