Ports of Jersey publishes quarterly Quality of Service Report for Q3 2018

From Port of Jersey,
31 October 2018

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Ports of Jersey has published its first Quality of Service Report for July to September 2018.

The report covers a number of quality of service measures, agreed with CICRA, that relate to the provision of services to its customers. Ports of Jersey believes it is important to be as transparent as possible in providing customers and interested parties with information relating to the historic quality of service of the airport, marinas and harbour in Jersey. However, it is also important to acknowledge that for many of the quality of service measures, parties other than POJL have played an important (and in some cases prime) role in delivering the services and therefore, POJL may have very little or no influence at all on the measure – for example, delays to an incoming flight are primarily caused by factors earlier in the aircraft’s schedule for the day, which are outside of POJL’s control.

Airport Quality of Service

Of the 7,000 aircraft movements over the three months, 73% arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled time and over 71% of departed within 15 minutes of the scheduled time and nearly 90% of flights arrived and departed within 45 minutes of their scheduled time. The good news for passengers is that 43% of flights actually arrived early. The average delay on both arriving and departing flights was 17 minutes and 1.2% of inbound flights were cancelled compared with 1.1% of flights departing Jersey.

With the vast majority of air services to the Island originating from another airport, if an inbound flight is delayed for any reason, this is likely to impact upon the return service from the Island. (All figures exclude delays and cancellations due to weather, which is outside of anyone’s control.)

Reducing the queuing time at airport security is one of Ports of Jersey’s key objectives. Over the past 18 months, we have made a number of improvements to the layout of security and have installed new technology to track and monitor passenger flow and these have greatly reduced waiting times. The report shows that for 98.9% of the time, it took less than 15 minutes for passengers to clear security and, less than 30 minutes for 99.9% of the time.

For nearly 90% of flights, all bags were delivered to the baggage carousel in under 20 minutes. Delays to baggage delivery can occur when a number of larger aircraft arrive within minutes of each other, thereby increasing the volume of baggage to be processed coupled with the distance of some aircraft stands from the baggage reclaim area.

Harbour quality of service

In terms of harbour activity, over 90% of sailings arrived or departed within 30 minutes of their scheduled time, with 9.6% of sailings cancelled during this period, predominantly as a result of the technical issues faced by ferry operator, Manches Iles.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Strategy & Development Director, Alan Merry, said, “We believe it is important to publish these quality of service measures as we think it is helpful for customers to have this information to allow them to plan their journey”.

The report has been published on our website, 2018 Q3 Quality of Service Report and we welcome comments from interested stakeholders on the measures that are most important to them as well as feedback on how we might extend and improve the effectiveness of this report.

Future reports will be published on a quarterly basis, 2-4 weeks following the end of the period and an annual summary 4-6 weeks after the end of the calendar year. Please email all comments relating to this report to ask@ports.je

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