Ports of Jersey does 'The Apprentice'

From Port of Jersey,
22 October 2018

Seventeen youngsters from local charity 'Pathways Jersey', with ages ranging from 9 to 16 years are taking part in a TV 'Apprentice' style challenge, organised by Ports of Jersey. 

 Split into two teams, the youngsters have been challenged by Group CEO for Ports of Jersey, Doug Bannister to create and sell a product from scratch. Over the following seven weeks the teams have to come up with a team name, appoint a project manager and team leaders, design and create their idea as well as put together a sales pitch before the final part of the challenge, sell their product to town shoppers on Saturday 08 December 2018.

Pathways Jersey is a non-profit organisation set up by local teacher Liz Lambotte as a means of encouraging, equipping and empowering children and young islanders to recognise their potential and self-worth. This is achieved by providing them with a range of opportunities to engage and inspire as well as build character and self-confidence through gaining experience and life skills. The charity has worked with Ports of Jersey for just over a year as a result of Mrs Lambotte being awarded with the 'Inspirational Leader of the Year 2017', the category sponsored by Ports of Jersey in the annual Pride of Jersey Awards. Since then the two organisations have worked closely together to explore a number of mutual activities, including behind the scenes tours for the youngsters to gain a better understanding of the working at the Ports. In return the youngsters have also played their part in providing vital feedback as part of the Future Development Project at Jersey Airport.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Carl Appleton who envisioned 'The Apprentice' challenge and has been working closely with Liz Lambotte to put it all together says, "Anyone who is familiar with the concept of 'The Apprentice' TV show will know that the objectives of the game are to seek out future entrepreneurs while at the same time exploring and challenging their leadership and team building skills. This is something that Pathways aims to promote so this is an excellent and fun opportunity to put this to the test with a great group of young and enthusiastic candidates. We would also emphasise that the challenger will be fun".

In response, Liz Lambotte, says, "We had a great launch to the programme last weekend afternoon when the youngsters got together and were finally told what was expected of them. They are in awe of the process and can't stop talking about it. They are really excited about the challenge and totally committed to it".

Ports of Jersey has invested £500 per team in which to create and promote their product. The 'winning' team will be the one that not only makes the most money above the initial investment but will also be judged on their skills displayed thanks to feedback, which will be provided by two 'mentors' from Ports of Jersey, Andrew Rowse, who will look after the boys team 'Pathways Pirates' and Kelly Connolly who will keep a watch over the girls team, 'Fab-yule-us'. Any monies made over the initial investment will be given to Pathways Jersey.

The team's progress can be followed online via Ports of Jersey website as well as its social media sites.    


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