Essential maintenance works to Elizabeth Marina gates

From Jersey Marinas,
24 December 2015

Planned work period:

The works are planned to commence Monday 4 January 2016 and should be completed by Friday 22 January 2016 (subject to weather and tidal influences).


Scope of planned works:

The planned work is to replace the hydraulic ram that controls the movement of the storm gate to the marina.  The existing ram will be removed and a new ram installed in its place. 

The new ram is currently being finished and tested at the fabricators and is scheduled for delivery to Jersey w/c 4 January 2016.  The old ram will not be removed until the new ram has been delivered to site and tested to confirm that it is functioning.


Nature of potential disruption:

During this time there will be some disruption to normal operation of the marina.  The main disruption to our customers will be from Sunday 10 January through to completion of the project when it is intended to lock the tidal gate in the up position.

The effect of this will be to reduce the depth of water at the entrance by the height of the gate (1.8m) for the duration of the works.  This will reduce the accessibility of the marina to approximately 2 hours either side of HW.

The works will require the use of divers and diving should only be taking place when the gate would ordinarily be closed as the tidal flow is too strong for the divers when the tide is coming in/going out.

We are awaiting confirmation from TTS as to whether the digital gauge can be recalibrated to show height over top of gate as opposed to over the cill. If this is possible then normal traffic light operation should be in operation, albeit with a shorter window to access the marina.  

If recalibration is not possible, the gauge will be switched off, lights fixed on red and all vessels will be required to contact VTS for confirmation of depth at entrance and clearance to proceed.  In addition, we are also investigating the possibility of installing a temporary tide gauge board.

An update to marina users will be issued w/c 4 January when the delivery date of the new ram is confirmed and the details of how vessels leaving the marina should proceed during the period of the works will be clarified.

Jersey Marinas