Notices to Mariners

​The notices to mariners (NtoM) which are currently in force can be downloaded from the links below.


 Download NtoM 01 of 2018 Wave Recorder Buoy Missing (size 214kb)


 Download NoM 24 of 2017: Maritime Exclusion Zone Lifted (size 307kb)

 Download NtoM 21 of 2017: La Vrachiere Beacon Unlit (size 118kb)

 Download NtoM 20 of 2017: New wreck discovered (size 119kb)

​​​​ Download NtoM 18 of 2017: Grande Anquette Light Unreliable (size 122)

 Download NtoM 17 of 2017: Reduced Depths St Helier Turning Basin (size 123kb)

 Download NtoM 16 of 2017: SW Minquiers Buoy change of sound singal (size 262kb)

 Download NtoM 10 of 2017: Reduced depth north of Violet Channel (size 306kb)

 Download NtoM 09 of 2017: Reduced depths in Violet Channel (size 352kb)

 Dowbload NtoM 07 of 2017: Change to range of Demie de Pas Light (size 299kb)

 Download NtoM 04 of 2017: Corbiere Lighthouse - Scaffolding (size 297kb)

 Download NtoM 03 of 2017: Navigation Risk Assessment of Minquiers (size 295kb)

 Download NtoM 02 of 2017: Gorey Pier Head Directional Light (size 302kb)

 Download NtoM 01 of 2017: Petite Anquette top mark damaged (size 310kb)