Exclusion and restricted zones

Prohibited channels

Vessels over 20 metres in length

The following channels / passages are prohibited to vessels over 20 metres in length:

  • the channel between the southern end of Elizabeth Castle Breakwater and Platte and Oyster Beacons
  • the passage between La Corbière and the outlying reefs consisting of La Boue, Les Boîteaux and Noirmontaise Reef

Leisure craft

There are no prohibited boat channels in Jersey waters for leisure craft.

Commercial vessels

There are 3 prohibited channels in force for commercial vessels. These are:

  • the small boat passage off Corbiere
  • the passage off the Bretts
  • the area between the end of Elizabeth Castle Breakwater and the Platte Beacon to the south

For more details of these commercial vessel restrictions, please call Jersey Coastguard on +44 (0) 1534 447705.

Precautionary areas for all vessels

A precautionary area for all vessels exists off St Helier. Mariners navigating in the precautionary area should do so with extreme caution as vessels with limited manouuvrability may be encountered.

Submarine cables

Live submarine electricity and telecommunications cables exist in local waters and come ashore at the following places:

  • the east coast at Archirondel
  • the west coast at Le Braye
  • the north Coast at Greve de Lecq

Numerous other disused cables remain around the Island and in territorial seas which are marked on current nautical charts.

Mariners are advised to avoid anchoring in areas which are in close proximity to any cables, whether live or not.

If weights are excessive and you suspect that you have become attached to a cable, the following action should be taken:

  • do not endanger your vessel and crew by attempting to recover your gear
  • carefully plot your ship’s position as accurately as possible
  • advise Jersey Coastguard of your situation on VHF 82 or telephone +44 (0) 1534 447705 


Mariners are prohibited from anchoring in the following areas:

  • designated shellfish beds off the Island’s east coast
  • the parallel box running from Archirondel to the French coast (fishing activity also prohibited)

You are strongly advised not to anchor within the precautionary area to the south of St Helier Harbour, or any of the boat passages, approach channels or within harbour confines.

Each of these areas is marked on current nautical charts.

Further information on this can be found through the following link:

Download general direction 05: Aquaculture (size 288kb)

Speed limits

The Boats and Surf-riding (Control) (Jersey) Regulations 1969 states that all vessels in local waters must not exceed a speed of 5 knots when:

  • within any harbour at any time
  • in any bay at any time in any case where the boat is being used to tow a person engaged in parascending
  • within 200 yards of the water’s edge in any bay between the hours of 1000 and 1900 on any day from 1st May to 31st October in any year
  • within 200 yards of the water’s edge in any bay at any other time except in any case where the boat is being used to tow a person engaged in water ski-ing, and then only at the start of such tow

There are specific regulations relating to the operation of jet-skis in local waters.

Jersey Coastguard monitors and enforces these regulations with modern technological equipment. Penalties apply for non-compliance.


Granville Bay Treaty

The Granville Bay Treaty is a trans-boundary management framework between the Jersey and French governments. It provides for shared fishing rights and management over the Granville Bay area (outside the exclusive 3 mile limits) and divides the area into management zones.

The Granville Bay Treaty is principally managed by States departments rather than the Port of Jersey.

UK managed treaty

The UK Fisheries Management Agreement sets Jersey’s relationship with the UK.

This agreement is managed by States departments rather than the Port of Jersey.

Port restricted zones

Information about the restricted zones can be found in the 'Port restricted zones' document.