Register your craft

The Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme (CSIS) allows you to register crafts with us that are not included in our local vessel registry. It can be difficult for us to locate the owners of these crafts if they're lost and come ashore or are found adrift along our coastline.​ They include:
  • kayaks
  • canoes
  • tenders​
  • wind surfs​
  • surfboards
  • kite surfs
  • paddle boards
  • rowing boats
Each craft registered with us receives a sticker with a unique registration number, this helps us to identify and locate the owners and, if necessary, initiate a search and rescue response.  

We can't register anything that should be registered under the Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) Regulations 2012. Any vessel that meets the criteria below, must, by law, be registered with the Marine Leisure Centre:
  • a ship designed for or capable of a speed i​n excess of 12 knots​​
  • a ship with a length of 3 metres or more​​​​​​

Register your craft


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